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Welcome to The DUMP!

Why The DUMP! I hear you ask. Does this mean its a place where all the crap is chucked? Of course not there's no crap on this site. All manner of goodies are found in a dump as any kid will tell you!

This Dump is a wonderful place to find all sorts of miscellaneous junk associated with Classic Video Games. Anything that does not fit neatly into a category can be found here. There will be one underlying theme however, Classic Video Gaming.

Hey we don't even know what resides here! Rumage around and have some fun with whatever you find, but remember to be home in time for tea.

PONG Movie

By Oska Software. Hysterical "vision" of the world within the simple boundaries of Pong. Lots of cartoon violence! Shockwave Flash, click the picture to play!

(Broadband connection advised!)
56k right-click to download.

Pong Movie

All Your Base Are Belong To Us.

The original and completely barking politically incorrect All Your Base! Go figure!

(Broadband connection advised!)
56k right-click to download.

All Your Base

All Your Goals Are Belong To Us.

Mad guy on a small Greek Island creates movies about Classic Video Games. Eh! Would you believe it? It's all true!

Grandmaster Peter's Arcade Island

All Your Goals

Strange Locations for Arcade Games.

A strange but true article written by Kyle Snyder for ClassicGamer Magazine online. Delve into the hidden places that games reside!

Strange Locations