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You may have come here because you want to leave The Basement Arcade, I cannot believe how shallow you are! But as you are already here lets see if we can help. The links on this page are not only to other games sites, they are also for sites that are of general interest to this hobby. Emulation sites, flyers, data, shrines, you name it, it will be here.

The intention is to have the most up to date and comprehensive list anywhere on the Web, anywhere! Constantly updated, constantly checked, constantly made better for you, we're just too good, too good.

Centuri GamesrWow a site dedicated to the now defunct Centuri Inc company which created some incredibly addictive arcade games back in the 80's. Such classics as Phoenix, Pleiades and Vanguard to name a few.

Handheld Games Museum Remember those handheld games from your youth? You know the ones you couldn't leave the house without for any extended road trip. With those digital beeps that came from the backseat driving your parents crazy. You played them over and over only to pause long enough to ask “Are we there yet? Go back to the carefree days when your only concern was that your batteries didn’t die.

Arcade Ambience As a child of the 80s, this guy will never forget the feeling of walking into a crowded arcade -- the sounds, smells, excitement, etc. This page is dedicated to recreating the audio portion of that experience in the form of a long, non-looping ambient audio track.

CoinOpVideogames Some crazy kids in the 80's who went out and taped the sounds of arcade games on a Sony TCS-310 Stereo Cassette Recorder. Pure nostalgia!

Halcyon Days Interviews with Classic Computer and Video Game Programmers.

Classics Reunited A quality site beautifully crafted dedicated to some great Classic games.

Starcade Remember the Hit 80's TV Show dedicated to Games, relive it on the Web, Classic in every way.

Classic 80's Arcade Games Online versions of many Classic Games just waiting to be played....what are you still doing here!

Space Invaders the story of an invasion Interactive invasion site.

CinemArcade Movies and more related to Arcade Games.

Videotopia A huge traveling exhibition of classic video games.

Paul Jeakins A top cartoonist, artist and fellow Classic Game Addict.

The Dot Eaters The complete History of Video Games on one site.

Pong Official Web site dedicated to the first popular video game.

The Donkey Kong Megasite This site covers everything related to Donkey Kong.

Arcade Console Music Classic Gaming music all in handy Midi format

KLOV The KLOVš (Killer List of Video games), the video-game department of The International Arcade Museum, has provided the Internet's largest database of coin-operated video-games since the earliest days of the Internet

Classic Gamer Magazine The digital site of the ever popular printed magazine a must for all fans.

Classic Arcade Games Locations Need to find where that elusive Zaxxon or Qix cabinet is hiding? Then welcome to the largest collection of places that still have classic video arcade games to play.

Retrogaming Dedicated to enjoying some of the great arcade and video games of the past and a review of some of the current options for those people like myself who love to play with the games of our youth.

Atari History Museum This site is the culmination of years of research and hard work by enthusiasts with the support of numerous former and current Atari employees and is intended to provide images and information on all areas of Atari.

Grandmaster Peter's Arcade Island As seen in The DUMP! Crazy guy on a Greek Island creates beautiful and poignant movies about the Heyday of Classic Gaming. Some will make you laugh and some just make you cry as you remember the Good Old Days!

The Atari Times The definitive site for all things Atari on the Arcade and Home front! Pure 100% Atari!