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Working in collaboration, Chris Wilkins (Retro Fusion Magazine) and Craig Turner's (Turnarcades Custom Arcade Machines) Revival was billed as an all-new event focusing not just on retro gaming, but on the retro culture that has been inspired by the gaming explosion of the late 70's and early 80's.

Full report NOW up online Take me to the report!


Video Games have been a passion of mine for a long, long time. The days spent as a child in dark, dingy, smelly, smoke filled basements brings a smile to my face. These were the days where the only care you had in the world was where and when you were going to get your next credit from and whether you still had the High Score on Donkey Kong.

Alas we all have to grow up, more the pity, and those days are soon gone. Then as you get older you find that you get a craving to go back to those halcyon days, and say goodbye to your day to day worries, mortgages, taxes, insurance etc, but where do you go to release all that pent up tension?

THE BASEMENT ARCADE! of course. This site is dedicated to nostalgia and Classic Video Games. These games are as addictive as playing posh bingo online, while loads of fun at the same time. The site has been created to bring back all those memories from the Golden Days of Gaming in the local arcades, the local pizza parlour, or just the chippy.

Any of us that remember these classic games will remember the buzz that came from playing with what were, looking back, quite primitive computers, but at the time felt cutting edge. Nowadays the more popular options tend to be consoles and PCs – not just for games but also for a range of casino and slots games. Sites like and provide you with easy ways to compare bonuses and features to make the best choice.

This site hosts reviews, features, galleries, links etc and much, much more, my hope is that it will grow in time to become 'The Web site' for Classic Game Addicts. If you share my love of Classic Video Games you've come to the right place. Enjoy and remember GOOD GAMES NEVER DIE!

If you have enjoyed flicking around this site and it has brought back some good memories please help if you can by kindly donating your hard earnt cash to the cause, it will help keep this site up and running and consequently it will help keep the memory of Classic Video games alive for many more years to come.
Thank you from The Basement Arcade.

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