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Being passionate about Classic Arcade Games is not some lonely geek hobby, no honestly it's not! OK maybe a bit geeky, but certainly not lonely. There are thousands and thousands of like minded individuals around the world who even if they wanted to are unable to escape the hypnotic lure of that old battered cabinet standing in the corner of some chippy or pizza parlour.

Over recent years countless books and web sites have been published mirroring this retro craze. Of course
The Basement Arcade is the best of the lot. Why? you may ask, if you have a rather challenged intelligence. Why, because it is written with true passion and in depth knowledge gained from years of hopeless addiction.

This Features section will take you
beyond the basic reviews of Classic Games, and delve into the otherwise unknown depths of Video Game History. Personal accounts, memoirs, myths and amazing statistics from around the age of classic gaming.

Check this area constantly for updates and new articles from the team that is
The Basement Arcade.

Early Gaming!
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As this is a 'Classic Video Games site' when we are talking about Video Games we are talking about the era from 1978 to approx 1985. This is considered by most to be the Classic Age of Video Games. We're talking about an age before you could get any decent kind of game at home on either a console or a computer. Find out what it was like!

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Having become hooked on early Arcade Video Games I had been primed as it were for the glory years that were to follow. The late 70's became the era when Video Gaming went ballistic. After the early basic black and white vector games there needed to be something come along that could break the mould, to kick start the revolution. Hello 'Space Invaders'.
Las Vegas
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WHERE GAMES ARE PLAYED! Games have always been important and we all reminisce about such and such a game and the High Scores achieved on them. But equally important in telling the story about those early days of gaming is to remember where we played read on for a personal tour of duty.
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Addicts Reunited! What a great idea that could be, just like Friends Reunited, of course it could never happen, but it does seem a shame that over the years so many good friends and fellow addicts disappear over the horizon just like the Classic Games that they used to play. Get Reunited!
Heroes & Villains
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Pacman, Mr DO, Donkey Kong all are heroes in their own right, but what about the real heroes, the heroes who gave us our heroes. I'm talking about the godfathers of creation who took part in creating the rich and lavish pixel environment in which we play out our fantasies. Behold the Creators!
Game On
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Game On is the first major UK Exhibition to explore the vibrant history and culture of video games. Focusing on key developments between 1962 and 2002, it’s an in-depth look at gaming's fascinating past and limitless future...and we attended.

With a camera in my hand and a joystick in the other checkout my report from the show exclusively here.


In 2012 I attended the largest Retro Gaming Expo in the UK at PlayExpo in Manchester.

Two whole days were spent gaming non-stop for hours on end on the greatest collection of classic games ever assembled in the UK.

Read the full expo report in depth here!

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Winter 2013 and it was time to head south to the seaside town of Margate for the GEEK 2013 Expo.

Billed as 'A celebration of video gaming, 'Past Present and Future', with thousands of games to play on hundreds of consoles I just had to make the trip.

Read the full expo report in depth here!

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Revival was billed as an all-new event focusing not just on retro gaming, but on the retro culture that has been inspired by the gaming explosion of the late 70's and early 80's.

We were there to see what all the fuss was about.

Read the full expo report in depth here!